Team Alfson Makes it 3-in-a-Row at the Fab 5 Tournament

When the year-ending Fab 5 tournament begins on February 23, 2013, Team Alfson will enter it as the ONLY three-time defending champion of that event.

Team Alfson easily defeated Team Richter for the championship by a score of 467-411 in the two-game finals.

Team Alfson is Sara Alfson, Shannon Alfson, Sherry Alfson, Josh Bowen and Duane Werdo.

Team Richter is Jenni Stein, Brad Dahmer, Julie Dahmer, Mike Walters and Steve Richter.



Here are the round by round elimination results:

Round of 8

#1 Team Alfson defeated #8 Team Mores (David Mores, Andrew Mores, Bea Mores, Kelly O’Neil, Cliff Bulkow) 512 – 413

#2 Team Burt (Coty Pyawasay, Aaron Rishel, Wayne Gramowski, Josh Gulig, Jesse Burt) defeated #7 Team Atkinson (Cari Gmach, Jen Atkinson, Ryan Boedecker, Aaron Cleveland, Tyler Atkinson) 434 – 398

#3 Team Richter defeated #5 Team DJKAT (Amy Cook, Denise Schroeder, Kathy Walber, Jen Schaetzer, Todd Schaetzer) 467 – 432

#4 Team Firgens (Dave Lukaszewski, Sherry Roerdink, Dirk Roerdink, Larry Hackbarth, Tim Firgens) defeated #5 Team Bucko (Eric Otte, Mark Liermann, Ellen Boerger, Angie Freeland, Darrell Bucko) 501 – 393


Round of 4

#1 Team Alfson defeated #4 Team Firgens 469 – 426

#3 Team Richter upset #2 Team Burt 434 – 401


Round of 2

#1 Team Alfson defeated #3 Team Richter 467-411


Click here to see the finals bracket, here to see the results after game 4, game 8 and game 12.


In the Roto Grip Bowler of the year competition, each member of the Team Alfson team is tied for first place with 75 points.  Team Richter is tied for second with 48 points.


Click here to view the updated Roto Grip Bowler of the Year point standings.


In the One-Shot-Pot game, Dirk Roerdink survived more than 15 roll-overs to claim

 the $180 prize.  Mike “Ducky” Hanson held the winning ticket in the drawing for a Roto Grip ball of his choice.


Our thanks go to Larry’s Distributing, Roto Grip and the ELITE Bowling Pro Shop for their continued support of our events.