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Saturday Night Comedy Club

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Our comedy club features renowned comedians from throughout the mid-west and across the country. We use specially selected talent agencies to recruit the best comedians to our stage. Be sure to get here early as the best seats go quickly! Why not come out ahead of time and enjoy some of the sporting events we’ll have on our HDTV’s? Or grab some grub with some delicious menu items, or enjoy a home made pizza right from our stone-oven! 

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Comedy | Comedy Club | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI
Comedy Club Nights 2019 and 2020 | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

2019/20 Comedy Dates

Join us for a great inexpensive night out! At $8 per person there's no better deal for getting out with friends and sharing some laughs. Tickets are sold at the door and are on a first come, first served basis so get here early to get a good seat! Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8:30pm.

October 5
Sean Patrick Moore
Rob Brackenridge

October 19

Brad Kofman
Luke Ashlocke

November 2

Joe Kilgallon
Vince Carone

November 16

Kate Brindle
Ricarlo Flanagan

December 14

Casey Flesch

Trevor Anderson

December 28

Ran Barnaclo

Mike Cronin

January 11

Dan Brown

Jon Houser

January 25

Zach Couilter

Ron Lamprecht