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We can thank our German heritage for our obsession with strikes and spares. Bowling has endured through many changes, but our commitment to fun remains. Lanes are oiled daily with tender, love, and care. Shoes are still rentals, and the sweet satisfaction of pins toppling and celebratory high-fives is timeless. Activities for all is found at Odyssey Fun Center, featuring bowling, games, volleyball, restaurant, and bar. Odyssey Fun Center has a colorful history, and we're always innovating. To continue learning about us, please interact with the tabs below to see how Odyssey Fun Center has transformed from entrepreneurial dreams into Sheboygan's premiere party place.

Our Purpose: We are outstanding fun people, helping families connect, have fun and be better together

David Bardon

Owner of Odyssey Fun Center

My passion is to help others, whether it be within my businesses or personal life. Knowing that I can make a positive difference in someone's life each and every day motivates me. It's what gets me up and going in the morning. Odyssey Fun Center has become an extension of my personal beliefs and motivation. I believe that loving and caring families are what make communities strong.

Odyssey Fun Center provides a great, caring, and fun experience for our guests so that when they leave, they feel better for including us in their lives. Our guests will see a genuine, safe, and caring environment for them to really relax and enjoy themselves. Our staff is committed to ensuring our guests connect and have fun. We have a strong, caring, and helping culture, and we welcome you to our fun center!

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Odyssey Fun Center was built in 1985. That same year, owner David Bardon started his own company… but it wasn’t Odyssey Fun Center! Thanks to a passion for science and data-driven mind, he pursued a master’s degree in environment science, which led to work at Kohler and starting E&K Hazardous Waste Services, which later merged with other companies, leading to a multi million-dollar business.

But bowling was always calling. David’s dad built Anchor Lanes in 1975, and David himself bought it in 1993. JBs’ Entertainment Center, Odyssey Fun Center, Super Bowl, and Olympic Lanes (now JB’s on 41) quickly followed suit. Bardon Bowling Centers are found throughout WI. Bardon lives near Odyssey Fun Center, and he’s been known to help on busy nights, stop in for a cold one, and even bowl a few rounds! Make sure to say, "hi!"

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Bowling Lanes

  • 16 Modern Lanes
  • Dragon Ramps
  • Bowling Balls as small as 6 pounds
  • Automatic Bumpers

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