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Adult Leagues

Odyssey's adult leagues may feel a little different as we practice social distancing and wearing masks, as mandated by Gov. Evers as of August 1.
We want you to feel safe, so we made a BBC Promise to You and a How You Can Help Guide and guidelines video.


Most of our adult leagues are sanctioned and roll from fall thru spring. Our new Go Bowling America league is different. If you want to try bowling more often or come back to the sport, this is a great option!

  • Bowl as an individual - compete against friends & family
  • Pay in full Week 1 to get your own ball to bowl with
  • Play for just 10 weeks, starting Feb 14 at 10am
Go Bowling America short-season - 2/2021 | league | adult leagues at Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan, WI
Join a Bowling League | JB's on 41 | Milwaukee WI


League bowling is a lot of fun at Odyssey, whether this is your first or upteenth time at the lanes. We're here for fun and friendly competition. If you're curious about leagues, that's awesome! You are welcome here. Got questions... Maybe you don't have a full team? Wondering how long league lasts? See our FAQs.

full-season adult LEAGUEs have great BENEFITS

  • Full-season league bowlers get exclusive discounts on open bowling with a practice pass. Take advantage of drink deals available after league
  • Get rewarded with our League VIP Rewards Club upgrade to get 10% cashback rewards on purchases.
  • While league bowling, you can earn Hang the House frames, trophies, prizes, bowler of the week recognition... and more!
  • End the full-season with a bang! Enjoy a discounted banquet & season awards
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