Event Spaces

Our elegant event spaces transform any event into a celebration.  Odyssey is the perfect venue for any outing, whether it's social or business.

how much to rent a space?

Only a minimum purchase amount for food, beverages, or bowling is required to reserve one of our event spaces!

What does that mean? All it means is we won't charge you a direct room rental fee. Instead, all you have to do is meet the event minimum spend of $300 in Food & Beverage and the room reservation is yours...guaranteed!

So, are you ready to plan your celebration? First, click the button below to find out more info about availability and room rental minimums. Or you can call our expert party planners directly at (920) 467-3578. Let us help you plan your event!

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Upper Hall | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

the upper Room

The Upper Room’s modern-day elegance gives your guests the V.I.P. treatment in a space ideal for more intimate cocktail parties or mixers that invite lively conversation.

 Plus, its prime location on the main level of Odyssey Fun Center gives you access to so much! Use 6-foot tables and chairs, plus complimentary Wi-Fi and A/V capabilities.

We recommend this place for groups of 30-50 people. 

the lower room

Centrally located on the lower level of Odyssey Fun Center, the Lower Room creates an accessible space where mingling is encouraged in a private yet high-energy atmosphere. We can design this space for practically any event!

Plenty of 6-foot tables with chairs are available in any layout to accommodate all types of events. Create an inviting environment for socializing, or hold an important meeting in the space and enjoy some bowling afterwards!

Complete with complimentary Wi-Fi, A/V capabilities, and adjustable lighting. We recommend this elegant space for larger groups of 50-75 people.

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bowling | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

rent all of the lanes

Be a star in the eyes of your friends or co-workers and throw a one-of-a-kind bowling party in this unique and fun area. This is the ultimate venue for hosting a special event in a brand new way. Rent all 16 bowling lanes in to make it a private party! We'll guarantee it will be classy, contemporary, and truly unforgettable.

Consider this: by renting all of the lanes, you'll have a private outing. You set the vibes. Competitive? Laidback?

You won't find a more modern bowling experience anywhere else. Contact our event staff to reserve our lanes for your next outing!