Preventing “Ball Death” Can’t Get Any More Simple Than This




“Ball death” in bowling is one of the most confusing and frustrating things to happen since the modern game has evolved into these nuclear bombs we throw down the lanes.

Most often, “ball death” manifests itself in bad carry.

You know the picture; the ball curves into the pocket (though not as strong as it used to do) and leaves a flat corner pin.  You hear from your buddies “boy that ball doesn’t have any drive”.

Lack of traction on the lanes is what causes that look.  The ball cannot slow down enough, or fast enough, to get into the roll phase of ball motion – the key component in strong rolling bowling balls at the pins.

So think of it like your car losing traction on the road on heavy water or snow/ice in the winter.  Loss of power when there is little to no contact with the surface.

The reality is “ball death” will eventually happen to every bowling ball.  BUT, we have many, many tools on the market to combat that and keep your equipment working in top order that FEW people take advantage of in my viewpoint.

Things like Abralon pads to do weekly surface touch ups to a myriad of cleaners to Revivor machines to pull oil directly out of a bowling ball are available at a very reasonable cost when compared to buying a new ball after just one season.

But I hear everything from I’m too busy to worry about it to I pay someone else to do my dirty work to I just don’t care.  But the bottom line is a trained eye can see a dead ball from a mile away and a lazy 7 or 10 pin waiting to stand.

So since its so easy to change this, I wanted to introduce you to a new product from Storm that makes this process even simpler.

Storm’s Reacta Scuff is a new product to the market that can be used by hand or on a ball spinner.

It has a de-oiling agent inside that acts as a cleaner to remove oil and dirt from the pores of a bowling ball.  Suspended inside that agent is a cutting media that acts like sandpaper to help rough up the surface of the bowling ball.

What is unique about this media is it’s what Hank Boomershine calls a “diminishing” media – meaning it breaks up and gets smaller the longer you use it.

In other words, it’s self-regulating and it’s nearly impossible to mess up using this product and “over-cutting” the surface of the bowling ball.

I heard of a recent story where Wes Malott was at a trade show throwing balls for a demonstration.  When his Berserk began to tire out on the lanes he hit it with some Reacta Scuff.  When he went back to the same lanes, his ball hooked an ARROW more than it did before the refresh.

This stuff really works.

And it’s cheap at under $15 for an 8oz bottle and only needing about the size of a quarter for each side of the ball, this may be the easiest and best touch-up maintenance product I’ve ever seen.

If you want to know how this might work for you, we will have a demonstration table available at the September Storm lesson program that you can test out yourself.  Please be sure to stop by and try it out for free.