Cool New Tool Helps You Choose the Right Bowling Ball the First Time




At Bowl Expo 2012 held last week, Roto Grip unveiled a new selection tool on their web site that aids you in picking out a bowling ball based on your style.

STAR SEARCH is the name of the tool that allows any bowler of any skill level to input some criteria about your game, and gives back to you a few recommendations on bowling balls that would work for your game.


To get started is quite simple.


Start with the skill level of bowler you are, then input what type of hook or curve you put into the ball, the style of your throw and finally if you want more, less or the same amount of hook as today.


Star Search spits out an easy to understand guideline to help you choose your next bowling ball.  From there you can click through to the individual bowling ball page to get more information on the balls the computer is recommending for you.


You can even compare that ball to another ball to see how the hook shape looks on the lane to know you’re making the right choice.  To find that, just look for the “View Many Paths to Glory” area on the individual ball page.


The AWESOME part about this is each selection area comes with descriptions that tell you what each description looks like.


For example: for the skill level Intermediate it states “You have a firm grasp of the game, it’s just about mastering it”.  This takes away from the subjectivity we see in the pro shop all the time. 


I’d recommend doing this on your own based on what you know and believe about your game, then asking your Pro Shop professional to do the same for you based on his knowledge of your game.  Before you buy, compare notes and make the decision together,


I found that the Novice and Intermediate skill levels were very easy to navigate and get easy to reference results.


As you choose the Advanced player profile you have to know much more about your game to answer the questions asked.  These are an average profile, ball speed, spin rate, axis of rotation and ball track profile.


However, as you do you begin to fine-tune the responses and get more accurate information.


Keep in mind this is only a guideline and the results are only as accurate as the information you put into it.


Try out this new feature by clicking this direct link here.


Tomorrow we’ll cover the new rating system that tells you more about the bowling ball and how it compares to others so you can make more focused choices with just a little more information.


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