A Solution For the Same-Old-Boring-League Format




Since the introductions of PBA Experience leagues in 2007, the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League at Odyssey Fun Center has dared bowlers to learn the tips and tricks to become better bowlers.

And it’s a highly successful program with participation numbers growing yearly in the flexible league with a unique and fun format.

At its core, the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge league uses a mix of USBC, WTBA and Kegel Sport and Challenge patterns with the objective of teaching people how to tackle the unseen obstacles on the lanes in a league setting.

So often, once someone sees adversity on the lanes, they don’t know what to do about solving the puzzle.

I can make a broad comparison in many ways to how firemen, police officers, and other government agencies practice dealing with disaster so when it arrives they are prepared and have a plan on how to tackle them.

I can make an argument that this league does the same for the bowler looking to remain solid when adversity finds them on the lanes.

What is maybe most unique about this league is its benefits package that go to bowlers in the ELITE Pro Shop sponsored league.  Here are some:

►  Segmented League Season.  Each session lasts only 4 weeks so you are not committing to a 30 week league – just bowl what you want or what your persona schedule allows.  If you have to bail permanently or temporarily, take care of what life throws at you and rejoin when it’s more convenient.

►  One Lane Pattern per Month so you have plenty of time to search for answers, consult with a coach, observe what other bowlers are finding to be successful.

►  Monthly Prize money payout. Yep, we pay out prize money monthly based on that segment’s performance.  Youth bowlers have their money sent to their SMART accounts.

►  Lane pattern Education Seminar, free to all league participants.  Learn not just the right way to play the lanes, but also the wrong way so you don’t get it wrong

►  Recruiter Bonus in Bowling Reward bucks for bringing people into the league.  Two years ago one girl earned a free high performance bowling ball.

►  Free Video Lesson with Steve Richter, three-time Bowlers Journal Top 100 Coach when you complete all the games in the October Segment

►  Weekly Big Strike Jackpot included in your nightly participation.  Over $450 was given away last year.

►  End of Season Tournament that has been expanded to include more people.  With the change to the Survivor finals format, there will be less “bad beats” knocking you out of the tournament.

►  DEEP Pro Shop Discounts.  Bowl all the games in a segment and get employee pricing on all balls, bags and shoes for the following month.

►  Monthly Free Practice Time.  As we switch from one pattern to another, there is a free :45 minute practice session scheduled to allow you to see it before it “counts” for score.

►  Free Bowling Ball Give-A-Way at the end of season tournament, a random drawing will win someone their choice of a Storm or Roto Grip bowling ball.

And much more… To view more details on the program, click this link.

The league runs at 6:15pm every Wednesday from October through April.  If you are interested in knowing more about it or signing up, contact Steve Richter at 920/550-1255 or eliteproshop@gmail.com.