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Steve Richter
100 Hamann Drive
Sheboygan Falls, WI  53085
Phone: 920/550-1255


USBC Silver Certified Coach
4-Time Bowlers Journal Top Bowling Coaches
IBPSIA Advanced Certified Technician
Strike Ten Skills Center Certified Teaching Professional






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Spring Ball League - Sponsored by Storm and Roto Grip


Join us for the ELITE Bowling Pro Shop’s 2018 Spring Ball League.  Key benefits are:

  • Bowl just 8 weeks, get a Storm or Roto Grip bowling ball of choice including drilling and grips included.
  • Pre-pay the entire season and get your bowling ball right away, save over $20 vs. paying weekly get $10 in Kraemer Kash for food and beverage at Odyssey and get Bowling Rewards on your purchase.
  • You may pay weekly if you wish.

Click here to view the flyer and to register for the program, click here.



Honor Score Recognition


Join us for the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League

A flexible-schedule league open to anyone

This league is for anyone interested in building their skill level by bowling on more demanding lane patterns than a standard “house shot”.  This league is filled with people who………Click here to read the rest of the league description

Click here to see the latest standings sheet in the league




Check out our new Ball Reaction Video page here



Storm Products New Products

Storm_Brand Logo-4x4



Premier Line

Code Red that you can see the ball details here.  The Tech Data is here, read the DOPLAR Report vs. the Sure Lock here and the design intent here.

Hot Line

Match Up Solid & Pearl.  For the Solid you can see the ball details here.  The Tech Data is here, and the design intent here.  For the Pearl you can see the ball details here.  The Tech Data is here, and the design intent here.


Roto Grip New Products









No Rules Exist that you can see the ball details here.  To read the design intent from Chris Schlemer himself, click here.

Hot CELL that you can see the ball details here.  To read the design intent from Chris Schlemer himself, click here.


Show Off that you can see the ball details here.  To read the design intent from Chris Schlemer himself, click here.


Hustle INK that you can see the ball details here.  To read the design intent from Chris Schlemer himself, click here.


MatchMaker Test Ball Arsenal

Storm Match Maker_Logo

Try-before-you-buy MatchMaker test ball kit allows you to check out if something will work for your game before you even lay out $.01 for it.  Pre-drilled bowling balls allow you to see if a ball in the Storm or Roto Grip lineup will make you strike more than today.

See The Listing of Current Test Balls as of October 2017



Maintenance Products


Maintaining your bowling equipment is the most important thing you can do to to keep it striking day after day.  Here is our Ball Maintenance Procedure that helps you see the milestones you need to stay on top of to keep the ball rolling pure time after time.

To help you do your own work on your equipment, we have Maintenance Kits available that has everything you need to stay ahead of father time.

If you have too little time to take care of your equipment the way we outline above, we offer No Hassle Maintenance Plans where we’ll take care of your equipment for you and give it back to you like it was when you bought it new.

ELITE Bowling Rewards Program


Earn money back on account on every Storm and Roto Grip purchase as well as services in the shop to be used towards future purchases.  To see how the program works, click this link here.

How Can I Bowl Better?


We offer both Individual Lessons and Team / Group Lessons that are customized to target and eliminate the things in your game that frustrate you and hold you back from getting better.  Many times it’s a simple fix that isn’t something that you would regularly think of.  Contact us by email or call to schedule your appointment today.

A note from Steve:

Turbo 2-n-1 Grips are: Marc McDowell, Steve RIchter, Jeff Richgels, Gail Myers and Mike Shady


Thank you everyone for the kind words you’ve expressed over the past few months regarding our Turbo 2-N-1 Team winning the USBC National Championship.

Words really can’t describe what that feeling is like and I appreciate all who have recognized me for that accomplishment.  Though, all due credit goes to my teammates on BOTH teams for making this possible: Marc McDowell, Jeff Richgels, Gail Myers Jr, Mike Shady, Mike Walters, Bret Faulkner, John Wittkowske, Tom Howery and Dan Goepfert.

And yes, I’m still sticking with the line I said right after we got done that night:

“I’ve never been so happy in my life to shoot 620.”

Based on the numerous requests we’ve gotten for links to the video logs, below are those that have been requested the most.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Highlight clip from our memorable 2011 USBC Open Championships Team Title Click Here

Here’s a clip of Mike Shady’s clinching shot Click Here

Here is a link to the entire series – web cast via USBC Click Here

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