Weekend Storm Lesson Program Recap


This past weekend 28 students signed up for and received video bowling lessons from two of the top coaches in the country at the ELITE Bowling Pro Shop.

Chris Sand, Midwest sales rep for Storm and Roto Grip, and PBA Champion and Bowlers Journal Top 100 coach, Jeff Carter headlined the coaches at the camp.

Storm Summer Lesson Program organizer Steve Richter says that bowlers have a hunger for bowling education. 

"The sport of bowling is no longer about standing on the middle dot and throwing at the second triangle.  Its become infinitely more complex with the changes in lane patterns and equipment”  said Richter.

“You have to anticipate and imagine what is happening on the lanes in front of you and know that you are throwing it as good as you can, or at least know what to fix if you are not.  That’s why we bring these experts to town"

About traveling the country coaching, Carter said:

"I really like the one on one interaction," said Carter. "Teaching bowling has always been one of my passions and being here helping bowlers get better is something I love doing."

Dave Eskew said; "If you want to get better, this is how you do it,"

Dave travels 350 miles one-way from Effingham, IL to participate in the one-hour event and has done so in each of the past four years.

In addition to the lessons, students get an opportunity to throw MatchMaker balls in a demo-day format.  The Storm Lucid, that comes out today was a fan favorite.  The Roto Grip Berserk and Defiant were also very popular.

 A surprise set of three balls arrived in solid red color and no logos besides a giant white X on the side.  Participants were allowed to throw the Red X Ball and give feedback to the Storm design team on its performance.

I for one hope that ball makes it into the lineup based on the various styles of player I was able to witness have success with it,

To view a photo gallery of the weekends event, click this link — https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151076637394157.431616.67077054156&type=1&l=77320166f7

“Being sold out two months ahead of the event shows how passionate people are about learning more about this great sport” said Richter