The Quietest Night for Some of the Biggest Scores

Judging by the tone and temperament of both shifts in last night’s ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League you would have thought it was just like any other night of bowling.

And then the stats came in:

*  5 of the 7 youth bowlers increased their high series of the year

*  24 of the 25 bowlers bowled over their average

*  The second 1,000 set of the year

*  13 people averaged over 200 for the night

Impressive, yet so quiet.

Leading the Pins Over Average category was Steve Richter at +166.  He was followed by Sarah Paasch and Darrell Bucko (138), Joe Champeau (128), Jacob Mickelson (115), Troy Felsinger and Jeremy Tock (102), Paul Gloede and Nicole Paasch (81) and Josh Fane (72).

In scratch scores, Richter led the way with a 1,006 set.  Others averaging over 200 for the night were Darrell Bucko (968), Paul Gloede (921), Joe Champeau (908), Troy Felsinger (902), Jeremy Tock (886), Aaron Nachtwey (856), Mike Charaus & Mike Walters (855), Jacob Mickelson (847).

To see a listing of the current standings, click here.

To view what the league is all about and to decide if it fits for what you are looking for, click this link.