The 5-Star Tournament Tour is Getting Ready for it’s 8th Season




The 5-Star Tournament tour is gearing up for it’s 8th annual season running some of the funnest and most unique events in the area.

Making the tournament events possible are our wonderful sponsors; Larry’s Distributing and Roto Grip bowling balls.

Larry’s Distributing is the preeminent beverage distributor in the area specializing in A-B products.  With the emerging popularity of craft brews and energy drinks, their product line is expansive and seems to be growing on a weekly basis.

A listing of their products can be found here and they are also active on Facebook and can be found at

They have been generous enough to donate $1,000 to the prize funds for all the events so we can keep entry fees low and participation high.

Roto Grip makes some of the best bowling balls on the planet and like Larry’s they have been with us from the start.  They current line up of balls can be found here.  They also are active on Facebook and can be found at

The 5-Star Tour kicks off Saturday, December 1st with the Fab 5 Baker Team Tournament.

A Baker event is where five people make up one single game and bowlers only roll two frames per game.  This is traditionally a fun-based tournament with loud music, tons of high-fives and lots of laughs.  Anyone who takes this event too seriously probably is in the wrong place.

Or second event is the most serious and competitive of them all; the Holiday Classic on Saturday, December 15th.  This is a three-person team event where your hot bowlers carry your team in a unique system where your low bowlers are shed from the team so your “studs” can carry the team to the finals.

This is one of the most unique events around and it stands to reason that there is large waiting list to get into the event.

Our third event is the Galactic 9-Pin tournament.  This event is always staged between Christmas and New Year’s eve which will be Thursday, December 27th this year.

This event features a 9-pin format with the Galactic light show playing in the dark.  Loud music, shots at the bar and good friends having a good time together is always the norm.  And the unique playoff system makes for an interesting finals that usually ends around 1:30am

The last event is another Fab 5 tournament, but with a twist…it’s Galactic.  Yes, the lights are out so aiming doesn’t really seem to matter much.  What matters is having a great time.  Here we’ll crown our Bowler of the year who will win a 3-ball package from Roto Grip on Saturday, February 23rd.

To sign up for the first event, go to Odyssey Fun Center and put your name on the team listing that is at the front counter to get on a Fab 5 team.  Or contact Erick at 920/467-3578 or to have him sign you up.

To view a listing of all the Bardon Bowling Center Sheboygan tournaments, go to this link.