Register Your Product to Ensure Full Warranty!!


In our review of the new web site, we tour a very important, yet rarely used portion of the web site.

And that is my fault for not being a better teacher for you.

The product registration area of the web site has become a vital asset for consumers to be able to ensure protection on their equipment.

Just like how you would register a new TV or refrigerator or lawnmower, by registering your product with the manufacturer, your warranty kicks in.

To be sure, Storm and Roto Grip are very good about taking care of their customers.

But I would presume that anyone who has been careful enough to register their product, put a name and face on the user, openly communicate with them about issues you may be having, they are going to look at your situation with more favorable eyes.

That’s just my presumption.  But why take the chance at not registering your stuff.

Another aspect is you are setting the start date of your warranty with registration.  For example, the serial number on a bowling ball will tell them the date it’s manufactured.

What if your ball sat in inventory at a distributor for 9 months before you actually purchased it? 

By registering your product, you are telling them how long YOU have had the ball and there is a strong argument you can make about “date of service” – like a car.

And that is not to mention bowling bags that have no identifiable marks telling about date of manufacture or date of service.  It’s always best to register your product to “activate” that warranty.

Which leads to the cardinal rule of warranties:

Always keep your sales receipt.

To review the registration area of, click at this link.