New Warranty Claim Page Simplifies Process



“What’s the warranty on that?”

One of the more frequent harder questions we get in the pro shop from time to time.  At the new, they just made it easier to process a claim.

With few exceptions, the procedure has been for a consumer to go back to their origin of purchase to have a warranty processed.  And here is the process:

►  Customer contacts pro shop

►  Customer waits

►  Pro Shop contacts distributor

►  Pro Shop and customer waits

►  Distributor contacts Manufacturer

►  Distributor and pro shop and customer waits

New product warranty process in placeNot an ideal customer service model, but that’s as good as the Industry know or has figured out – until now.

At this link, consumers are able to complete their own warranty claim on-line!

This is a huge step in the right direction for shortcutting the time involved in processing a manufacturing issue by being able to go direct to the source.

To be sure, you will have to provide some vital information to be able to send it to the factory.  Such items are: purchase date (always keep your original receipt), Location of purchase, reason for claim, and your personal information.

The biggest benefit goes out to those who choose to purchase their equipment on the Internet and have it drilled locally.

Because the process has always been to go back to the original point of purchase to process the claim, I’ve heard story after story of the customer-no-service people have received from those internet based “pro shops” who are only interested in your transaction, not in your relationship with them.

Which remains today as one of the most important reasons to stick with your local pro shop if you are happy with their level of expertise and service.

Don’t forget to walk around the new yourself and experience the new web site.