Little Steps Can Add Up To Big Savings At The Pump


Everyone is looking for ways to reduce "gas pains" from high fuel costs. There are some easy things you can do to put yourself on the road to gas economy.

►  Light on the Pedal: Ease on the accelerator when you start from a red light.  Your car will run leaner and won't use as much gas. On the highway, run about five miles under the posted speed limit to save.

►  Crank the A/C:  It used to be true that not using the air-conditioning (A/C) in warmer months would save on fuel economy. That's not true anymore. With the aerodynamics of today's vehicles, by turning off the A/C the resistance created by the wind causes more drag on the vehicle when the windows are rolled down.

►  Use the Right Fuel: Never use a higher octane gasoline than your engine needs. It's like trying to put 16 ounces of fluid into a 12 ounce glass. Use the right octane and you can save about a dime or more per gallon at each fill-up.

►  Keep Up the Pressure:  Make sure you have the correct pressure in each of your tires. With too little air in the tires, the friction that it takes to roll the car is much greater, thus reducing fuel economy.

►  Keep It Clean:  Keep your engine clean of debris by changing its oil and fuel filter.

►  Get It In Gear:  Most modern transmissions are electronically operated by controllers. Transmission fluid that's broken down may keep your car from going into its highest gear. Have the transmission fluid changed in the 36,000 to 50,000 mile range.


With gas prices approaching the $4 mark, if you can save one or two miles per gallon every time you fill up, that can translate to about $600 or $800 of savings per year under normal driving conditions.