Learning how to bowl is half the fun at [ad code =3] In [ad code =1], [ad code =2]

So you’ve decided to give this bowling thing more than just a casual try but don’t know what to do next. Glad you asked!!!

While bowling truly offers something for everybody, you will receive the most out of the experience by properly learning how the sport is played. The best way to do that is to take part in one of the many learn-to-bowl opportunities offered at [ad code =3] In [ad code =1], [ad code =2]. 

Whether you are age 3 or 103, a learn-to-bowl clinic can be a fun way to find out more about bowling and the best ways to get better. The same goes no matter what your skill level. 

Learn-to-bowl classes can range from private individual lessons to teaching in pairs to large groups. Most are conducted by trained coaches who specialize in the newest techniques of teaching people how to best enjoy the game. 

Students normally are first taught about basic fundamentals including:

– Safe and courteous competition
     ~ Proper warm-up exercises
– Lane etiquette
– Choosing the right equipment
     ~ Bowling balls
     ~ Bowling shoes
– Proper stance
     ~ Where to line up
– Proper grip
     ~ How to hold the ball
– Proper approach
     ~ How to walk to the foul line
– How and when to deliver the shot
– Targeting
     ~ Where to aim
– The arm swing
– Proper release
– Keeping score

Subsequent classes might talk about intermediate skills such as:

– Joining a bowling league
– Adjusting to lane conditions
– How to make spares

There are even advanced classes that discuss things like:

– Mental game
– Competing in tournaments 

The key is finding the right type of class for your skill and comfort level. Call [ad code =3] and we’ll be happy to let you know all of the options no matter how you play the game. So don’t delay, call today!!