Lackluster State Tournament Performance Launches Cleveland to Season High Series


Despite his teammates crushing the Wisconsin State Tournament pattern the previous weekend, Ben Cleveland was struggling mightily trying to achieve a consistent ball motion.


In the last game of team event, Ben recalled a quick tip Storm Products representative Chris Sand gave him during his last lesson.  The result, a 269 finish and a good finish to an otherwise disappointing tournament.


Ben stated that Chris told him to get his index finger to feel like it’s in the right location throughout the swing to allow his ball to roll more true.  More “A to B” in a straighter line, as us coaches teach.


That tip carried forward to this past weeks session and a new season high score of 942 on the challenging USBC Open Championships pattern.  Having been overshadowed by Ben was Aaron Nachtwey with a personal high of 918 and easily the winner of the Pins over Average jackpot.


Ben finished second to Aaron in the Jackpot.


Click here to view the current standings.


In a low scoring week, only Ben and Aaron averaged over 200 for the four-game set.  They both averaged nearly 230 each easily outdistancing the rest of the field.


Heading into the final week, the segment has been narrowed down to just a few possible winners.  Paul Gloede leads at 45 points with Mike LaPoint training by just one point.  Jacob DelValle, Troy Felsinger, David Paasch, Jacob Mickelson and Aaron Nachtwey have mathematical chances at winning the segment.


The next segment is the Montreal tournament pattern.  To view a tutorial from Chris Barnes on how to play the pattern click here.