Happy Hour

Available 1:00pm-5:30pm on Fridays

$2.50 drink deals

Beer fan? If you're 21+ and living in (or visiting) Wisconsin, we bet you are!

Enjoy $2.50 domestic beer, available on tap & bottle. Or get a single rail mixer for $2 only during happy hour.

Drinks | Odyssey Bar & Grill | Sheboygan WI

$3 drink deals

Why limit happiness? Enjoy these drink deals every Friday from 1pm-5:30pm:

  • $3 Single Call Mixers
  • $3 House Wines

$3.50 drink deal

Feeling fancy? Or how about something refreshing with a more premium alcohol? Stop in for a house long island for $3.50 during happy hour!

Happy Hour Drinks | Odyssey Bar & Grill | Sheboygan Falls WI