Grand Championship Finals Nearly Set Heading into Final Week


The Grand Championships of the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League are nearly set in stone heading into the final week of regular league play.

The race for the WTBA Montreal pattern segment championship will have a bearing on who makes it into the tournament as the Wild Cards and there is still the possibility a 3rd Wild Card position could be added.

Here is the breakdown…

By all indications, the segment championship is down to Sarah Paasch and Justin Mickelson with Rudy DelValle with a very outside chance of garnering the honors.

If Sarah or Justin win, Paul Gloede and Rudy DelValle are in for the #6 seed in the bracket playoffs.

If Rudy wins the pattern outright, then Steve Richter would slide into the 2nd Wild Card Spot with Paul Gloede still a lock for the 1st Wild Card spot and the #7 seed.

If Jacob DelValle or Troy Felsinger, who both previously won segments, win this segment a 3rd Wild Card spot would be added and Steve Richter would be in as the #8 seed.

There are mathematically no other Wild Card possibilities for the tournament.  The exception would be if Jacob Mickelson does not confirm his spot in the tournament – so far he has not.  If he does not, Irv Latham and Aaron Nachtwey are in a dead-heat for that coveted position.

Click here to view the current standings.

David Paasch was the winner of the Pins over Average Jackpot.