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Steve Richter
100 Hamann Drive
Sheboygan Falls, WI  53085
Phone: 920/550-1255

  • USBC Silver Certified Coach
  • 4-Time Bowlers Journal Top Bowling Coaches
  • IBPSIA Advanced Certified Technician
  • Strike Ten Skills Center Certified Teaching Professional

Storm New Products

Phaze 3

The Velocity Core has become a staple in the Storm lineup. This low RG, high differential construction has turned into the go-to chassis for professionals around the world. Its benchmark characteristics serve a multitude of styles across a variety of patterns.  Defining what was needed next, Storm determined a cleaner, more backend-focused design would become our next recipe, fitting in squarely between the Phaze™ II and !Q™ Tour Emerald.  A never-before-seen cover and core combination of R3S Hybrid and the Velocity Core shines above all else.  It reveres its past but is imminently future-forward. When the corners get tough, R3S gets tougher. Blending out lane transition is one of R3S’s best features, striking an ironically delicate balance between two intense forces – the ball’s core and lane conditions at hand. This unique fusion lets you dial in key performance parameters, responding to every input with absolute fidelity.

Click here to see the ball details, design intent and DOPLAR report on ball motion and click here to see a video showing three different bowler styles and the ball reaction from each.

Phaze III Bowling Ball | Storm Products | Elite Pro Shop | Sheboygan WI

Gravity Evolve

Gravity Evolve is due out October 25 is the re-introduction on the uber-successful Virtual Gravity core wrapped under the Spec cover you find on the Crux Prime and Pro Motion.  You can see the ball details here including the ball data, design intent and DOPLAR report.  To see a really good 1 minute video of 3 different styles throwing the Gravity Evolve, click here.

Storm Product | Gravity Evolve Bowling Ball | Elite Pro Shop | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI
Storm Products | Bowling Balls | Elite Pro Shop | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

Roto Grip New Products

Wild Streak

From Brand Manager, Chris Schlemer:

Inside you will find the newly created Mutated Rotary weight block, that’s right, weight block. We have not had a weight block design in a long while and given the requests over the years for some of the standout balls of yesteryear, we felt it was time.  Because of the changes in production over the years we are not able to reproduce the original Rotary design, so we used the numbers and concept to create the new Mutated Rotary design. It measures in at 2.60 / .048 to provide length and down lane giddy up.  If the weight block wasn’t enough, we are also introducing a brand new cover stock formulation that Roto Grip has never used before known as the SureTrax-S19™. This Solid Reactive formulation features a chemical additive to the cover which creates more traction than the traditional eTrax cover, but not as early and grippy as the MicroTrax cover.  It comes out of the box at 3000-grit pad which means it can be sanded more, or it can be polished.   This ball is going to be ideal on those medium to medium/heavy conditions. It is cleaner and stronger down lane than the original IDOL due to the cover and core combination. Early feedback from testing shows this ball doesn’t read too early and it never misses the mid-lane.

Click here to review the ball data.  This ball is due out late November on Black Friday!

Wild Streak Bowling Ball | Roto Grip | Elite Pro Shop | Sheboygan WI

MVP Pearl

From Brand Manager, Chris Schlemer:

Inside you will find the Neutron NXT Core, the same one used in the original MVP.  Outside you will find the VTC-P19 Pearl cover which is the newest formulation for the HP2 & HP1 line of balls.  Compared to the Winner, you will see this ball as cleaner through the fronts and more shape coming around the corner.  In essence this ball is more of the modern-day version of the Wreck-Em from a couple years ago.  This ball will excel on those lighter to medium conditions. And for some it will be an ideal ball to go to later in blocks.

Click here to review the ball data. This ball is due out late November on Black Friday!

MVP Pearl Bowling Ball | Roto Grip | Elite Pro Shop | Sheboygan WI
Roto Grip Logo
Roto Grip Logo
Roto Grip Logo

900 Global new products

Honey Badger Extreme Solid

The Honey Badger Extreme Solid represents a blend of a proven cover and a brand new variation of the Grapnel™ Core.  The Grapnel Asymmetric Core, up to this point, has only been featured in a 2-piece design.  By adding an outer core, we have increased our dynamic integrity across the weights.  Bowlers who use 14# and 15# equipment will see a drastically increased ball motion.  Wrapped around the core is the proven S74R Solid Reactive Cover.  Made famous by the Inception and Truth, this cover will provide more traction in the oil than the S71 Cover featured on all the other Honey Badger releases.

Click here to review the ball data.  This ball is due out November 21st.

Honey Badger Extreme Solid | 900 Global | Elite Pro Shop | Sheboygan WI

Honey Badger Extreme Pearl

The Honey Badger Extreme Pearl  features the same coverstock and core formulation as the Honey Badger Extreme Solid.  The Grapnel Asymmetric Core has quickly become known for its amazing backend on a variety of conditions.  By adding the outer core to it, we have achieved the highest backend possible for any style of bowler, regardless of what weight they use.  S74R Pearl is the cover used on the Honey Badger Extreme Pearl.  This cover was also used on the Inception Pearl and Truth Pearl.  Both of those balls were known as very unique pearls.  Touring professionals quickly found themselves using those balls on a wide range of conditions due to their versatility.

Click here to review the ball data. This ball is due out November 21st.
Honey Badger Extreme Pearl Bowling Ball | 900 Global | Elite Pro Shop | Sheboygan WI
900 Global Logo
Matchmaker Bowling Balls | Elite Pro Shop | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

Matchmaker Test Ball Arsenal

Try-before-you-buy MatchMaker test ball kit allows you to check out if something will work for your game before you even lay out $.01 for it.  Pre-drilled bowling balls allow you to see if a ball in the Storm or Roto Grip lineup will make you strike more than today.

How can i bowl better?

We offer both Individual Lessons and Team/Group Lessons that are customized to target and eliminate the things in your game that frustrate you and hold you back from getting better.  Many times it’s a simple fix that isn’t something that you would regularly think of. 

Elite Pro Shop | Odyssey Fun Center | Sheboygan Falls WI

A Note From Steve

Thank you everyone for the kind words you’ve expressed over the past few months regarding our Turbo 2-N-1 Team winning the USBC National Championship.

Words really can’t describe what that feeling is like and I appreciate all who have recognized me for that accomplishment.  Though, all due credit goes to my teammates on BOTH teams for making this possible: Marc McDowell, Jeff Richgels, Gail Myers Jr, Mike Shady, Mike Walters, Bret Faulkner, John Wittkowske, Tom Howery and Dan Goepfert.

And yes, I’m still sticking with the line I said right after we got done that night:

“I’ve never been so happy in my life to shoot 620.”

Based on the numerous requests we’ve gotten for links to the video logs, below are those that have been requested the most.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Highlight clip from our memorable 2011 USBC Open Championships Team Title Click Here

Here’s a clip of Mike Shady’s clinching shot Click Here

Here is a link to the entire series – web cast via USBC Click Here