Condensed Ball Pages Make Choosing a Ball Easier




All this week we will complete our tour of the new  Today’s feature is the newly updated ball pages.  Yawn.  Boring.  Ho-hum.

Not so fast.

Starting with how to get to the ball pages, when you hover over the “BALLS” area on the top of the page, instead of the names coming up and having to click through them, you can click on the ball itself.  Here’s what it looks like:






So when you know you saw one of those Star balls rolling down the lane but all you know is the color, just click on that ball.

You can even click through if you know the performance link HP-4, HP-3, HP-2 or HP-1 that I wrote about here.

Once inside the individual ball page, you will see a plethora of information.  The technical information is much like in the past, but it’s all in a single location now (no more scrolling through different menus).

There is also an area that tells about the design intent of the ball so you know whether it fits what you’re looking for in a piece of equipment.

And maybe the coolest new feature is the “Lane Comparison”.  Here you can input your style and the lane condition you bowl on to see what this ball shape could look like.  Better yet, it allows you to choose a comparison ball to match up against it.

Here’s what that looks like:










So if you have a ball you want to match up to either replace or to compliment, this new feature gives a relative glance at how that other ball may work for you.