“Biggie” Wins USBC Open Championship Pattern Segment; Latham Knocks off the Big Strike Jackpot


Mike “Biggie” LaPoint wrapped up the March USBC Open Championship pattern segment of the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League and a berth into the Grand Championship finals.  He finished just one point ahead of Paul Gloede.

Mike actually tied Jacob DelValle but since Jacob is previously qualified by winning the January segment, Mike is the March Representative.

To see a copy of the standings sheet, click here.

Irv Latham may have had more opportunities than anyone to participate in the Big Strike Jackpot and used that to his advantage in striking twice to win the $87 jackpot.

Weekly match play records were:

  • ► Brittney Morton 12-3
  • ► John Helbach 12-3
  • ► Jacob DelValle 11-4
  • ► Sarah Paasch 10-5
  • ► David Paasch 9-6
  • ► Rudy DelValle 9-6
  • ► Leonard Morton 8-7
  • ► Mike LaPoint 8-7
  • ► Justin Mickelson 8-7

Scratch scores for the week were dominated by one person: Brittney Morton.

Brittney fired a 679 series in her first three games and was the only person to average 200 for the set to lead her to the Pins Over Average jackpot at +144.  Jacob DelValle was second at +53.

Next month is the final month of the season and the WTBA Montreal pattern.  Click here to view a tutorial video from Chris Barnes on how to play this pattern.

As per usual, we will have a :45 minute “get Acquainted” practice session beginning at 5pm.