Another Week, Another Strange Night on the Lanes




After last weeks odd lane conditions, I went into this week with a more open mind about how I would attack the lanes.

I guess I drew the lucky straw and proved that Ben Cleveland is the goocher that bad patterns follow as he drew the unlucky pair for the second straight week.

Last night, lanes 11/12 and 13/14 had plenty of hook on them from the start while the reports we were getting from 15/16 proved to be more like 11/12 was last week for me.

Higher than normal humidity conditions inside the center made quality shot making difficult for everyone throughout the night.  That high humidity 

environment also meant stronger than normal back ends right from the start of the night.

I started with a Storm IQ Tour that I haven’t liked at all until the wizard Hank Boomershine gave me some tips on how to smooth it out.  As the lanes transitioned and we moved deeper into the lane I felt like it wasn’t going to get the same ball to go through the pins the right way the rest of the night.

I went to a Roto Grip Shatter that I haven’t used a lot because of how much down lane hook I have with that ball.  But I knew it was just the ball I needed for this condition after what I learned Friday night at the team tournament in Weston.


And while our pair had a fair amount of high scores, the rest of the league could not say the same with only two more scores above par for the evening – including Sammy Rieder getting her first ever + score at 809.

Those scores for the night were: Steve Richter 960, Aaron Nachtwey 913, and Troy Felsinger 894.

In the Pins Over Average Category, Sarah Paasch returned from her HS swim team obligations to roll +151 in her first night out.  She was followed by Sammy Rieder and Aaron Nachtwey +121, Steve Richter +120, Troy Felsinger +54, Ben Cleveland +46, and Matt Kawa +20.

To date, no one has won the Big Strike jackpot and it’s teetering on $140 for next week.

Next week will be the final week of the segment and then we will be switching to the challenging Kegel Middle Road pattern that plays easy or difficult based on how people transition the lanes in practice.

To view the updated standings, click on this link.