Andy Schneider Leading ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League after Two Night

Andy Schneider leads by 10 points over Paul Gloede half way through the action in the first pattern segment of the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League at Odyssey Fun Center in Sheboygan Falls.

On the strength of two solid performances on the USBC White #3 pattern, Andy has averaged 220 over the first two weeks to lead the competition.

Following Andy (138) and Paul (128) are Cody Weigel (111), Michael Schoerner (109) and Aaron Nachtwey (107) to round out the top 5 places.

To view the standings, click on this link.

Top scratch scores for the week were:

–  Paul Gloede (917)

–  Andy Schneider (898)

–  Michael Schoerner (868)

–  Brock Rammer (860)

–  Aaron Nachtwey (850)

–  Scott Huenink (850)

–  Steve Richter (839)

–  Darrell Bucko (834)

–  Troy Felsinger (833)

–  David Paasch (808)

–  Mike Ristow (807)

In the Pins over average category the top scores last night were:

–  Paul Gloede (81)

–  Scott Huenink (70)

–  Ken Binder (61)

–  Andy Schneider (58)

–  David Paasch (52)

With the 13 recent additions to our league we want to remind all bowlers that there are now TWO shifts to this league; 5p and 7p on Wednesday’s.  Please be checked in by 4:30 and 6:30 respectively.  The 5p shift is limited to 12 bowlers total to allow for oiling between shifts.

To read more about the league, click on this link.