A Published Email Response Worth Repeating



Today's blog is a reprint of an email reply to a recently acquired student who was following up on some changes we made in his game.

While it was intended to be my private thoughts to him, it turned into something I had to reprint for the good of all who love this maddening sport.

So often in our quest to meet our personal goals, we get lost in our own thoughts and we have to get back to foundational principals.

Do you see yourself in any of the descriptions in here?


Dear Joe:

Accuracy problems are going to happen while you fight off muscle memory.  And your targeting angles are going to change so while things feel good but you don't see good scores, you HAVE to be mindful of the process not the results.

The Process is "did I do things correctly from A to B on the approach".  These are in your control.

The Results are "how many pins did I knock down".  These are acts of God.

The process is mindful of bowling’s chain reactions.  Good direction, release, spin rate, consistency are all links at the END OF THE CHAIN that show how well you did something else ahead of it.

Top players focus on the process because results take care of themselves once the process is right.

Give this some time to let things sink in or you could be chasing things left and right and lose focus on building your foundation.  Build slowly.

Use every bowling opportunity as a learning experience and never FRY over bad shots…they are teachable moments if you let them be them.

Coach Steve


(names changed to protect the innocent smiley)