Like last year’s winners Ben Cleveland, Tyler Atkinson and Don Suckow, who broke through with their first Holiday Classic victory, Pete, Kyle and Jason are seemingly always in the hunt year after year. Their best finish to date was in 2008 losing to Josh Gulig, Nicole Burt and Jesse Burt. In 2012, they finally broke

  Anytime you place a risk/reward proposition outside of most people’s comfort zones, crazy things can and do happen. Such is the case especially when you look at how people of all skill levels attack the extremes: Shark (45’) and Cheetah (35’). Despite Kegel’s successful formula of Pattern Length – 31 = Breakpoint Range to

When the year-ending Fab 5 tournament begins on February 23, 2013, Team Alfson will enter it as the ONLY three-time defending champion of that event. Team Alfson easily defeated Team Richter for the championship by a score of 467-411 in the two-game finals. Team Alfson is Sara Alfson, Shannon Alfson, Sherry Alfson, Josh Bowen and

    The Kegel Middle Road segment of the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League ended this Wednesday evening and still no one has won the Big Strike Jackpot that approaching $200.   In scoring action Steve Richter led the way with an 859 series followed by Paul Gloede (837), Ralph Champeau (828) and Ben Cleveland

      Odyssey Fun Center will host its next Senior BEST Tourney of the season November 9th at 10:30 AM. Anyone 50 and older is eligible to enter. A fun format of 4 games of 9-pin no-tap with handicap being 100% of 200 for the ladies while men use 90% of 200 is used.

  Leonard Morton rolled a 298 game in game #1 to open a big night of scoring to complete the USBC Blue #2 pattern segment. His opening honor score got him to a 852 final set and a long way from the lead for the evening. Aaron Nachtwey bombed them for a second straight week

      After last weeks odd lane conditions, I went into this week with a more open mind about how I would attack the lanes. I guess I drew the lucky straw and proved that Ben Cleveland is the goocher that bad patterns follow as he drew the unlucky pair for the second straight

An Odd Night on the Lanes

Thursday, 18 October 2012 by

    Entering the third week of the ELITE Pro Shop Challenge League we figured we had a good handle on the oil pattern and transitions.  After all we have 8 games of competition and a practice night on them. On my pair, starting out felt like the first week where they hooked more than

      The 5-Star Tournament tour is gearing up for it’s 8th annual season running some of the funnest and most unique events in the area. Making the tournament events possible are our wonderful sponsors; Larry’s Distributing and Roto Grip bowling balls. Larry’s Distributing is the preeminent beverage distributor in the area specializing in

The USBC Red, White and Blue patterns get an unfair comparison to USBC Sport patterns simply due to a lack of knowledge. The truth is, with the better crosswise blend, these “tougher” league patterns at times can be easier than the traditional league pattern. The scoring explosion continued in the USBC Blue #2 pattern segment

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