Bowling Tournaments

Our bowling tournaments feature everything from fun to serious competitions for both weekly bowlers and the casual bowler. Click on the tournament name below to see more information.

Odyssey Fun Center - Over 50 B.E.S.T. Tournament

These fun events run on the 2nd Friday of the month from October through April at 10am. Bowlers compete in a 9-is-fine format (a strke or 9-count marks down as a strike) and included is prize money for top finishers in each age division, free coffee, free lunch and good camraderie to be had by all. Sign up for an event that is guaranteed to be a good time.

Senior Tournament | Sheboygan Falls | Odyssey Fun Center

5-Star Tournament Tour Series

The 5-Star Tour is in it’s 11th season of bringing a mix of social and competitive events to the Sheboygan area with the goal of lots of fun, interesting formats and strengthening local bowling.  This year’s events are sponsored by Larry’s DistributingRoto Grip and Scott’s Vending.

From 5-person fun team events, to highly competitive 3-person scratch events to events with the lights out to events with the music cranked, the 5-Star Tour has an event to fit serious bowler and the casual couples league bowler alike.

To read more about each event, review the boxed information below and click on the image to see an entry blank with the event regulations.

December Fab 5 Baker Team Tournament

Saturday, December 2nd at 6:00pm – Odyssey Fun Center

Our famous Fab 5 Baker Team Tournaments will kick-start the 5-Star tour season on Saturday, December 2nd at Odyssey Fun Center.

The Fab 5 tournaments feature 16 games of “Baker” style team bowling where 5 players roll only 2 frames each during the game to make up a team score.  Example; the first bowler rolls frames 1 and 6, second bowler 2 and 7, etc..

Once the qualifying games are complete, a single-elimination two-game Baker bowling finals will occur with winners moving on in the tournament.

The Fab 5 events generally fill up very fast if you’re looking to get on a team.  To do so, call Erick at 467-3578 or click here to email Erick and reserve and pay for your spot.  Teams may sign up together as a complete team if they wish.

To see the tournament results, click here.

Holiday Classic

Saturday, December 23rd – JBs Entertainment

The most unique team event in the history of bowling lets your team get carried by the hot bowlers while your slackers get kicked off the team (temporarily).  The Holiday Classic is  3-person team event that combines traditional bowling with Baker team bowling in one of the funnest tournaments you will ever bowl in.

Following 3 games of qualifying, the low scoring bowler is kicked off the team.  The remaining two bowlers bowl another game and the average of their scores fills in for the kicked off bowler in game #4.  After that game, the low bowler is again kicked off and in game 5 the score from the last remaining bowler rolled their game and the score is multiplied by 3 to complete a 5-game total for all bowlers.

Following all qualifying, the top 6 teams make an alternate-shot Baker match to determine the champion.

Because of the unique format, teams returning to the event year after year is very common.  Therefore, returning teams have until November 15th to re-claim their spots this year.  If you wish to get on the waiting list, contact Scott at 920/377-0139 or

To view the entry blank, click here.

18th Annual Galactic 9-Pin Tournament

Wednesday, December 27th at 6:30pm – Odyssey Fun Center

Our longest running tournament, the Galactic 9-Pin Tournament, is a unique event where “9 is fine” for the machines to register a strike, the house lights are turned off and the Galactic lights are turned on, and the music is cranked up.  In addition the internet Jukebox is on to allow you to customize your music experience.

Three games of qualifying gets people to advance the top 32 bowlers to the finals and the top 16 seeds get amnesty into future rounds ensuring a higher cash payout. All players making the finals cash.

This event normally sells out with 16 lanes x 5 per lane = 80 people.  It’s highly advised to get paid early to secure your spot.

To reserve a spot call Erick at 467-3578 or click here to email Erick and reserve and pay for your spot.

To view the entry blank, click here.

Super Bowl Sunday Doubles Tournament

Sunday, February 3rd at 9:00a – Odyssey Fun Center

Four years ago we ran a test event on Super Bowl Sunday morning in a doubles format with standard 10-pin bowling, Baker system bowling and alternate shot frames into one singular event.  Last year we added the Super Bowl Doubles tournament to the slate and the event filled at 32 teams.

While Super Bowl Sunday is usually filled with a ton of plans in the evening, this event is designed to start early and get you out of the center and off to have fun with friends; for example, last year’s event was done by 3:30p.

This is an extremely fun tournament!!

The Super Bowl Doubles event sponsored by Scott’s Vending, who added $500 to this event, is an open event where you sign up as a doubles team.  Those who don’t have a doubles partner and wish to bowl can contact Erick directly for the listing of others also looking for partners.

Teams can be all men, all women and mixed teams.  This is not a scratch tournament and handicapping pins are added in as part of the entire tournament.

To reserve a spot call Erick at 467-3578 or click here to email Erick and reserve and pay for your spot.

Click to view the tournament flyer and rules.

February Fab 5 Galactic Baker Team Tournament

Sunday, February 10th at 6:00p – Odyssey Fun Center

A hybrid of the 1st and 3rd tournament combine to create an event that will conclude the 5-Star Tour for 2018 and we will crown our Roto Grip Bowler of the Year.The Galactic Fab 5 tournament follows the same format as the first tournament, but adds in the complexities of the “Galactic” system noted in the third tournament to make a unique event.

The Fab 5 events generally fill up very fast if you’re looking to get on a team.  To do so, call Erick at 467-3578 or click here to email Erick and reserve and pay for your spot.  Teams may sign up together as a complete team if they wish.

To view the entry blank, click here.

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